Caroline’s Garden

In 1824, a new Classicist gate was installed into the old City Walls below St. Nicholas’s Church.

A new garden with a wide serpentine path was built down the steep slope below Znojmo’s Deblin Chateau, which made access to the City Swimming Pool situated along the River Dyje much quicker.

Trees, bushes and flowers were planted along the path which terminated at the river adjacent to the Old Stone Mill (now the Veteran Motor Museum).

The sloping garden was named Caroline’s Garden to commemorate the visit of the Austrian Empress, Caroline Augusta of Bavaria (1792-1872), along with her husband Emperor Francis I in 1833.

During the 19th Century a few wooden and brick pavilions , benches and belvederes were added along the path.

In recent times representative, new vineyards have been planted in Caroline’s Garden, along with a large amount of lavender plants and Calvary statues were moved from St. Elisabeth’s Church on Vienna Road during its refurbishment.

In 1875 the garden was extended to the south. Replacing old vineyards with  a new, more intimate garden. It was called the Paradise Garden.


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