Znojmo City Parks


There are two parks in Znojmo City. The main City Park and Jubilee Park.

The City Park

Znojmo City Park is situated in between the Medieval City Center and the modern section of the town and spans an area from the top of the town close to the old “Prague Gate” down to the bottom of the town close to the old “Vienna Gate” (Wolf Tower).

When the city walls had decayed and were becoming unsightly, a group of Znojmo citizens started a project to plant a series of tree-lined avenues, that later surrounded one half of the Historic City replacing the outer city moat. Thus the City Park was founded in 1804.

The dilapidated outer city walls became part of the City Park walls, the bastions and small towers were converted into pavilions.

The park is divided into three parts – upper, middle and lower.

In the Lower Park there is an interesting ceramic fountain dating back to the end of the 19th Century, and more recently a play area for small children was added along with a new gateway into the park leading from Dolni Česká Street.

The middle section passes by Znojmo’s two Grammar Schools and leads onto the reconstructed Komenského Square with the large controversial monument of a Victory Nike dedicated to Karl Von Kopal who lead Emperor Franz Joseph I’s troops to a bloody victory in Italy in the late 19th Century.

The upper park passes by the town stadium, music pavilion and a memorial to victims of the Czechoslovakian resistance against communist tyrany.

This peaceful oasis in the heart of a busy city has been very popular with Znojmo citizens since its foundation.

Jubilee Park

In 1928 the State of Czechoslovakia celebrated its tenth anniversary since its foundation, to commemorate a new park was constructed in Znojmo.

On the upper part Jaroš Avenue there was a large empty square, which was remodelled to become Jubilee Park.  During these times, Znojmo, similar to rest of Czechoslovakia, was a multinational city (largely German).

So while the City Park was considered the domain of Znojmo’s German population,  Jubilee Park became a symbol of the new Czech Znojmo (Znojmo City’s first Czech Mayor, JUDr. Josef Mareš (1885 – 1945), was voted into power in 1920).


Jubilee Park was designed by Josef Kumpán (1885 – 1961), who was a leading garden architect at the time. Amongst the many flowerbeds in the park there can be found an ornimental fountain, an artificial rock garden, a sundial, a paddling pool, nad a pavilion.


Jubilee Park is also very popular with Znojmo citizens.


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