The King’s Throne (Králův stolec) Viewpoint – Podyji National Park, Znojmo

In the woods of the Podyjí (Dyje Valley) National Park, southwest of Hradiště,  a viewpoint situated high on a rock cliff above the Dyje River can be found.

In 1922 a wooden resting place was built with the joint efforts of Czech and German tourists.

Legend says that, at this point in late August 1683,  John III Sobieski, King of Poland, watched his thirty thousand soldiers as they crossed the River Dyje while rushing to the aid of Vienna, which was under siege (for a second time) by the Turks.

In September when King Sobieski arrived in Vienna he was joined by the Christian army of 52 000 soldiers, which he led to battle.

Kara Mustapha, the supreme commander of the Turks, had made the tactical errors of not securing the hills around Vienna City and not fortifying his positions thus allowing King Sobieski an advantage, which after a only a  few hours and with only half the number of troops, caused the devastating defeat of the massive, 150 000 strong, Turkish Army.  After the battle,  Kara Mustapha returned home to Turkey and was beheaded for his mistakes.  This glorious victory was a turning point for Austria bringing much power and new lands.



Deep in the valley, before the Znojmo Water Reservoir was built (in the mid-1960s), there used to be a watermill (Trausnitz Mill) and an important bridge, which was built by Thomas Schlesin, the Provost of Hradiště in the mid 17th Century. The existence of this bridge, however, became a subject of a large dispute between Hradiště and the councilmen of Znojmo because many merchants travelling to and from Austria and Moravia were using this bridge instead of the toll bridge below Znojmo. In 1931 the Trausnitz Mill was transformed into a modern water power station with a 1 MW Kaplan turbine.

If water in the reservoir is low, the remains of the mill and the bridge can be seen quite clearly.


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  1. Good luck with the blog, Derek. I very much enjoyed my stay at your B&B and I hope to return to Znojmo sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks Simon you are always welcome – I hope you can continue with the final stage of your cycle trip soon (get well soon) D.

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