Cross Cellar in Přímětice

In 1740-1756 in the center of Přímětice, now a suburb of Znojmo, Jesuits from Znojmo built a wine cellar in the shape of a huge Latin cross.  The barrel-vaulted ceiling rises to almost seven metres above the floor of the cellar and is probably the largest wine cellar of its kind in the world.

The main corridor (or stipes of the cross) is 110 metres long and the patibulum is 56 metres long.

The walls are covered with a cultivated cellar mould Rhacodium cellare, which ensures stable humidity in the cellar and the acoustics are excellent.

At present it is used and maintained by Znovín Znojmo a.s. wine company which produces and stores the best wines of the region in traditional oak and acacia barrels.  Modern stainless tanks can also be found, which are used for wine fermenting. The cellar is open at certain times to the  public for wine tastings.

A similar type of cellar can be found in Cape Town in South Africa

written with help from a document written by my friend PhDr. Jiri Kacetl


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