Znojmo Old Town

Znojmo’s Old Town lies hidden in a sheltered valley between Znojmo Castle and St Nicholas’ Church.  It is sometimes known as the Pit “Jáma”.

In this eye-pleasing and romantic area there are approximately two dozen  small houses built irregularly on the available land as the steep slope allowed.

A 15th Century fortification wall protects the Old Town from the Dyje Valley with a small opening, the “Little Black Gate” through which Caroline’s Garden can be accessed.

In times gone by the gate would have been used as a trade route which connected Moravia with Lower Austria.


After Znojmo received its City Charter in the 13th century, the route was shifted from the Old Town to the New Town via Obroková Street, Masaryk Square and the Vienna Gate (Wolf Tower).



Inhabitants of the Pit during the Middle Ages were mainly Znojmo’s poorest people  – man-servants, labourers, stable boys, shepherds, and those people whose professions excluded them from society: gravediggers and the city’s much feared executioner.



During 2009 and 2010 Znojmo Old Town benefited from a rejuvenation and beautifying program, which included new steps and repairs to the “Little Black Gate”, new paths and planting 100’s of attractive plants and flowers.


Today we can admire the picturesque houses with views of St Nicholas’ Church and Znojmo Castle walls.


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