Znojmo’s Napajedla Street (Watering Hill)

Znojmo City had a serious water shortage problem until the 19th century.  It was impossible to dig deeper wells in the house cellars because the rock on which Znojmo stands is too hard and solid. This difficulty was partially overcome by using the water source from the River Dyje in the valley below Znojmo.

The very steep road which connected medieval Znojmo with the riverbank was called “Napajedla” (German Tränkberg) (English Watering Hill) and was used to drive cattle  down to the river to be watered.  Horse drawn waggons were also used to deliver water from the river to workshops in the city.

Watering Hill City Gate, which was demolished around 1840, stood where the road leaves the medieval city, a scar in the building on the right shows the position where the gate once stood.  From here the Street boasts excellent views of the river valley and the Podyji National Park.

On the right-hand side, here can be seen a Baroque column with the head of Jesus Christ. A little further down the road on the right can be found the entrance to the Paradise Garden.

About two-thirds down the  hill an Empire chapel with a Baroque statue of Pieta can be found. The chapel was built in 1831 by the master tanner Bauer.

At the bottom of the hill there is a Wayside Chapel with the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk. The five stars in his halo represent the five stars that supposedly hovered above the River Vltava where he was drowned in 1393.


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