Cycling in Znojmo – Znojmo Cycle Route 3 (46 km)


From Pension Grant LUX turn right and take Dyjska Street through the hairpin bends to the river.

Turn right along the cycle / foot path and follow until Louka Monastery.

Turn right onto Loucká St and follow to a T junction.

Turn right over the river bridge and bear left to Nový Šaldorf continue for 1km.

At the crossroads turn right onto the 413 road and continue to Havraniky.

Pass through Havraniky and after the village take the left turn to Šatov.

At Šatov turn left at the O2 telephone box and follow the road until it joins the main Šatov road.

Turn left and continue to the railway lines. Cross over the railway lines and continue along the road for 3km.

Turn left at the sign advertising Waldberg Wine and then take the next right and continue to the main road. 

Turn right onto the main road and immediately left by the church.

Continue along the road to a T junction in Dyjakovičky, turn right and then left and left again onto cycle route 5007.

Continue straight at the crossroads. Continue 2,3km and turn left along cycle route 5007.

Continue for 700m and turn right. After 1.1km Lampelberg is on the right.

Return back to the 5007 cycle path and turn right.

Continue to Jaroslavice.

At Jaroslavice turn left towards Znojmo.

Continue passing through Slup, Strachotice, Derflice, Načeratice.

After Načeratice continue until a T junction with the main road.

Turn right and continue for 750m then turn left towards Nový Šaldorf.

Turn first right following the river to a T junction.

Turn right and continue for 600m until the road bears right.

Take the left turn and then right at a T junction.

Continue to another T junction and turn left follow the road to a footbridge crossing the river.

After the bridge turn right and return to Pension Grant LUX.


Points of Interest
Louka Monastery – founded by Conrad II Otto, Duke of Bohemia and his mother Mary in 1190
Nový Šaldorf wine streets – over 200 wine cellars dug out of the soft sand stone
Havraníky Church – St. Linhart
Šatov Military Bunker  – museum 
Chvalovice Dinosaur Park – tourist attraction
Dyákovičky Church – St Vitus Gothic Church
Lampelburg – From 1860 and located on the highest point of Ječmeniště vineyard the castle has excellent views.
Jaroslavice Chateau and Ponds – Magnificent Chateau in need of restoration and large shallow carp lakes
Slup Water Mill – Renaissance water mill museum
Načeratice Church



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