Cycling in Znojmo – Znojmo Cycle Route 2 (46 km)


Turn right out of Pension Grant LUX and follow the road down through the hair pin bends and continue past the
motor museum and into Granice Forest Park.

Continue along the forest path until you join the Znojmo – Hradiště road and turn left up the bank to Hradiště.

Turn into Křižovnická Street and continue to the end for views of Znojmo by St. Antonin Paduan Church. Return back along Křižovnická Street and continue along Pivovarská Street to it’s end.

Continue until you join the cycle path (5000) Keep on the (5000) cycle path past Králův Stolec (King’s Throne)
Angel’s Mill (Andělský mlýn), Podmolí, Lukov.

At Lukov turn left and continue along the same cycle path until you join another cycle path (5002). Take this path to Nový Hrádek. Return back to the (5000) cycle path and turn right and continue past Šobes and over the suspension bridge.

Turn left still on the (5000) cycle path over Staré vinice to Popice.

At Popice take the (5001) cycle path to Sealsfied Stone and return along the green tourist path to Konice.

Turn left and rejoin the (5000) cycle path over Cow Mountain returning to Znojmo.

Points of Interest
Motor Museum (Muzeum Motorismu) – 100s of vehicles and exhibits.
Granice Forest Park – A deep canyon separating Znojmo from Hradište
Hradiště – St Anthony of Padua’s Church – Monastery – The original settling before Znojmo was established
King’s Throne (Králův Stolec) – Legend says that King John III Sobieski of Poland, watched his thirty thousand soldiers as they crossed the Dyje River to help protect Vienna against a Turkish siege in 1683. 
Angel’s Mill (Andělský mlýn)  this baroque building was founded in 1695, it is unfortunately in poor condition and is deteriorating. 
Podmolí – is a picturesque village located on the border with Austria in the Podyjí National Park
Lukov – a gateway to the Podyjí National Park
Nový Hrádek – Ruins which are open to the public. National Cultural Heritage.
Podyjí National Park – Czech’s youngest National Park. A place a great natural beauty.
Šobes – is one of the oldest and most famous vineyards in the Czech Republic and lies in  the Podyjí National Park.
Popice – is an unsung village of natural beauty on the edge of the Podyjí National Park.
Charles Sealsfield Stone – Charles Sealsfield (1793-1864), a world-famous writer, used to sit here for tranquil views of the river valley
Konice – An important wine village with an equally import Gothic Church St Jacob’s, which enhances the views from the local vineyards. 
Vrbka’s Memorial Stone – Antonin Vrbka was a great teacher and Moravian patriot in Znojmo and his memorial was recently refurbished.
Cow Mountain – with amazing views of Znojmo


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