Cycling in Znojmo – Znojmo Cycle Route 1 (40 km)


From Pension Grant LUX  go through Znojmo City Park until the swimming baths car park. 
Cross via pedestrian crossing and continue straight, behind the second car park and shops to a third car park. 
Continue straight, exit the car park and turn right on to Přímětičká Street. 
Follow this road over a roundabout through Přímětice,  Hlubokové Mašůvky, Bojanovice to Jevišovice. 
At Jevišovice take the turning out of the town to Černin, Vevčice, Rudlice, Plaveč, Únanov and back to Přímětice. 
Take the same route back to Pension Grant LUX.


Points of Interest
* Cross Vaulted Wine Cellar  (google translation of Czech Original) – The largest wine cellar of
   this type in Europe.
   It is run by Znovin Wine company who regularly hold
   wine tastings.
*  Divis Prokop Memorial – Václav Prokop Diviš
    inventor of the lightening rod died in Přímětice.
    Here is a model his of the lightening rod with little
    spikes on the top
Hluboké Mašůvky (google translation of Czech Original)
*   Dating back to 1220 AD Hluboké Mašůvky is a popular
    pilgrimage site.
Jevišovice (google translation of Czech Original)
*   The Old Chateau – Located on a rocky promontory
     above the Jevišovka Valley dating back from 1468.
*    New Castle – Located south-east of the city center
*    St. Joseph’s Church – part of the Old Castle (1830)
*    Dam on the river Jevišovka – One of the oldest
     dams in Central Europe built between 1894-1897
Černín (google translation of Czech Original)
*    St. Jacob the Great Church – Romanesque church
     dating back to the beginning of the 12th Century.
Vevčice (google translation of Czech Original) 
*    Chapel of the Assumption
Rudlice (google translation of Czech Original)
*    Memorial of the peasant uprising in 1821
Únanov (google translation of Czech Original)
*    Water Park
*    Late Gothic Church


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